a custom instrument inspired by the father of all synthesisers



Not just a case, but a complete instrument. While leaving untouched the classic sound quality of the "D" some hardware modifications are needed, so the miniMAG® will be delivered as a complete instrument. But you can also ship your "D" to us and we will send it back as a full working complete miniMAG® unit.

General Specifications
32 high quality synth action keys. Octave Up and Down buttons. Transparent Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, (pitch wheel returns to "0" position) retro-illuminated by blue LEDs. Tiltable panel at the classic angles (like its grandpa). Solid wood American walnut case with oil/wax finish for easy repair of dent and scratches. Dimensions: 47.5 x 34 x 9 cm - 4.5 kg (18.7" x 13.3" x 3.5" - 10 lbs.). Highly protective custom made gig bag (optional).
European private customers €1090,00 + shipping (21% CZ VAT included)
Extra EU customers €900,00 + shipping
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Once you have a miniMAG under your fingers, you'll realize how its small package retains the balanced proportions (and playability) of its iconic grandpa.


No doubts, the "D" is the fattest mono synth on the market. miniMAG® adds to it features for immediate live use


With its ultra compact and flat size it can follow you everywhere, even in the cabin of a jetliner. With its tiltable panel the minMAG® offers the best ergonomics in every situation: it will be equally at home atop an organ or an electric piano, on it's own stand, in a recording studio desk and in a DJ console as well.


We have selected the best materials for the lightest and most solid and durable build. The miniMAG® is built to be a reliable part of your rig for many years to come.